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CAS 158861-67-7 Injectable Peptides Raw Powder GHRP-6 For Fat Loss

CAS 158861-67-7 Injectable Peptides Raw Powder GHRP-6 For Fat Loss

  • CAS 158861-67-7 Injectable Peptides Raw Powder GHRP-6 For Fat Loss
  • CAS 158861-67-7 Injectable Peptides Raw Powder GHRP-6 For Fat Loss
  • CAS 158861-67-7 Injectable Peptides Raw Powder GHRP-6 For Fat Loss
  • CAS 158861-67-7 Injectable Peptides Raw Powder GHRP-6 For Fat Loss
  • CAS 158861-67-7 Injectable Peptides Raw Powder GHRP-6 For Fat Loss
CAS 158861-67-7 Injectable Peptides Raw Powder GHRP-6 For Fat Loss
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: FILTER
Certification: GMP
Model Number: 158861-67-7
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 vials
Packaging Details: 5mg/vial, 10mg/vial or as required
Delivery Time: Within 7 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, , MoneyGram,Alipay
Supply Ability: 100000vials/month
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Detailed Product Description
Specification: 5mg/vial Appearance: White Powder
DeliveryTime: Within 7 Working Days Port: Shanghai / Guangzhou / Hongkong/
PackAge: Icebag, Discreet Packing Ways For Your Reference LimitNum: 10 Vials
Purity: 99% Transportation: DHL, Fedix, HKEMS, HKEUB, TNT
Storage: Dry, Dark And Ventilated Place Name: GHRP
High Light:

peptide supplements


human growth peptides

Raw Material Peptide Powder CAS 158861-67-7 Ghrp-6 for Fat Loss

CAS 158861-67-7
M.F C45H55N9O6
M.W 818.0
Purity 99%min
Appearance White powder
Single Impurity (HPLC) 1.0%max
Amino Acid Composition ±10% of theoretical
Peptide Content (N%) ≥80.0%
Water Content(Karl Fischer) ≤6.0%
Acetate Content (HPIC) ≤12.0%
MS(ESI) Consistent
Mass Balance 95.0~105.0%

---GHRP usage:

Ghrelin not only to promote the release of growth, but also has other biological effects, such as mediation feeding and energy metabolism, cardiovascular function, control gastrointestinal function and inhibition of tumor cell proliferation and so on . Recent studies have shown that serum ghrelin concentration was positively correlated with BMD, so ghrelin may be involved in the metabolism of bone tissue, affecting the function of osteoblasts

Ghrp2 is a synthetic ghrelin analogue. Like ghrelin, it stimulates release of endogenous from somatotropes in the anterior pituitary; also like ghrelin, it is synergistic with endogenous releasing-ormone (GHRP) as well as with synthetic GHRH analogues such as Sermorelin or GRF(1-29). Whereas GHRP-2 and other ghrelin analogues increase the number of somatotropes involved in the GH pulse by inhibiting somatostatin, GHRH increases the pulse amplitude per pituitary cell or somatotrope by other means. Unlike ghrelin, GHRP2is not lipogenic meaning it does not induce fat storage. While ghrelin has a very important role in hunger, Ghrp2as an analog of ghrelin does not increase appetite significantly.
GHRP2 is synergistic with GHRH due to secondary actions on hypothalamic neurons. The quantity of GH released by a living mammal to which GHRP-2 and GHRP are administered exceeds the combined release of each compound when measured when taken alone.

---Our process:
The quality control process
1) Purchasing
Thorough market research, understand the price of raw materials and performance.To the procurement source to understand fully, and fully guarantee the quality of the procurement of raw materials.
2) Inspection
Four steps: sampling, sample pretreatment, measuring and data processing.
3) Producing
a) Each operator must do self-inspection of producs and make the corresponding inspection records.
b) Full-time inspectors through check the operator self-inspection, and review and sign in the corresponding record. Full-time inspection is responsible for inspection of finished product, and make the finished product incoming inspection records.
4) Before selling
Test result can be provided before selling.
Third-party detection institution is allowed if you are not satisfied with test results.

---Our advantages:
1. Quality:
Our company is a professional production of hormone intermediates for many years, our products have exported to Germany,Spain, UK, USA, Australia, Middle East, and so on other country, and we have got very good feedback from our customers, you can trust us.
And we are the manufactory, so no problem for us to control the quality.
2. Payment method: ,TT.
3. Service: Best service with after-sales service to all clients.
4. Delivery:
Sample Order :Package will be shipped with 3days after payment. We can send it via UP, EMS, HK Air Post, DHL or othermethod. We have a professional and stable logistics, and we can deliver the package smoothly around 3 to 5 days.

---Other Peptide Our Lab Supply:

Product Purity CAS No.
Glucagon Hydrochloride 98% 16941-32-5
Gonadorelin Acetate 98% 34973-08-5
Goserelin Acetate 98% 145781-92-6
GRF (human) Acetate 98% 83930-13-6
Hexarelin Acetate 98% 140703-51-1
Histrelin Acetate 98% 76712-82-8
Icatibant Acetate 98% 30308-48-4
Lanreotide 98% 108736-35-2
Lecirelin (Dalmarelin) Acetate 98% 61012-19-9
Leuprolide 98% 74381-53-6
Leuprorelin Acetate 98% 53714-56-0
Linaclotide Acatate 98% 851199-59-2
Lixisenatide 98% 320367-13-3
Lraglutide 98% 204656-20-2
Lysipressin Acetate 98% 50-57-7
Melanotan II Acetate 98% 121062-08-6
MOG(35-55) 98% 163913-87-9
Nafarelin Acetate 98% 76932-56-4
Nesiritide Acetate (BNP-32) 98% 114471-18-0
Octreotide 98% 79517-01-4
Ornipressin Acetate 98% 3397-23-7
Oxytocin Acetate 98% 50-56-6
Palmitoyl Pentapeptide 98% 214047-00-4
Pexiganan 98% 147664-63-9
Pramlintide Acetate 98% 196078-30-5
PT141 Acetate 98% 32780-32-8
Salmon Calcitonin Acetate 98% 47931-85-1
Secretin Acetate 98% 10813-74-8
Sermorelin Acetate 98% 86168-78-7
Sincalide 98% 25126-32-3
Somatostatin Acetate 98% 38916-34-6
Splenopentin Acetate 98% 105184-37-0
Taltirelin Acetate 98% 103300-74-9
Teriparatide Acetate 98% 52232-67-4
Teriparatide Acetate 98% 52232-67-4
Terlipressin Acetate 98% 14636-12-5
Tetracosactide Acetate 98% 16960-16-0
Thymalfasin 98% 62304-98-7
Thymopentin 98% 69558-55-0
Thymosin α1 Acetate 98% 14636-12-5
Thymosin β4 Acetate(TB-500) 98% 77591-33-4
Triptorelin Acetate 98% 57773-63-4
Vapreotide Acetate 98% 103222-11-3
Vasopressin Acetate 98% 9034-50-8
Ziconotide Acetate 98% 107452-89-1


CAS 158861-67-7 Injectable Peptides Raw Powder GHRP-6 For Fat Loss 0

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